What is TheAbyssment?

TheAbyssment is a personal experiment that I hope will become a large-scale project. I see the Internet as a growing abyss that continuously has various particles of information tossed into it. A lucky small number of particles come back, while most contribute the the endless growth of the abyss. In all likelihood TheAbyssment will become another stream of forgotten particles, curated by me. Hopefully though, some particles will stick.

What to expect from TheAbyssment?

A steady stream of political and campaign opinions, some music and concert reviews, and other aggregates of my views on the world. A healthy dose of commentary on the stuff on the Internet I’d most like to talk about.

Who am I? 

My name is Kyle Smith. I’m a student of Government at Connecticut College in New London, Connecticut. I hail from coastal Maine. I’m trying to become the next renaissance man, but before that a successful writer.


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