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Just where has that finger been? (Image from Wikimedia Commons)

Sitting in class this morning I got a text from CNN Breaking News that stated that Herman Cain is reassessing his 2012 presidential bid after an alleged 13-year affair with a woman in Atlanta.

With all that has been in the media in the last month concerning Herman Cain and the consistent allegations against him, I couldn’t help to feel shocked that Cain was all of a sudden considering dropping the campaign. I admit I didn’t know much about the latest allegations – I had heard of them however at this point any allegation against Cain seems like more of a hiccup than a heart attack – but on reviewing the latest news on the situation it seems like that there is something really fascinating going on.

 Everyone had their own ideas on whether Cain was innocent or guilty before these latest revelations. Not too shockingly, these are primarily based on liberal and conservative party biases which are evident in the polling graph below:

(An aside: this image is taken from a really interesting NYT blog post that contrasts differing results from polls on whether people believed Cain. That article can be found here.)

And while Cain has clearly has taken a dive in the polls since all of these sexual allegation scandals have arisen, the fact that core conservatives have not abandoned the Cain Train suggests that he could likely ride out the rest of the election cycle with at the very least his dignity, marketability, and presumed innocence intact (although the nomination and presidency are highly unlikely). He’s pretty much assured all of the book deals, TV appearances, and interviews he can get his hands on for the next few years. That is without these latest allegations and especially without his announcement that he is reassessing his presidential bid.

This is not to say I don’t agree that he should be taking a good hard look at his campaign and his personal morality because I wholeheartedly feel that he has no business conducting himself like a respectable candidate amidst this firestorm. The point isn’t that I would like to see Cain drop out of the race or even come out admitting that these allegations are indeed true, because it’s impossible for me to deny that these feelings of mine come from a place of liberal bias. The point is, however, that it seems, based on available facts and disregarding bias, that Herman Cain doesn’t need to reassess anything to remain a legitimate and noteworthy candidate. In seems in fact that Cain could even be harming his own campaign immensely by even releasing information about even the tiniest reassessment tied to these strings of allegations, doing more harm than all of his insensitive political gaffes, or even than bumbling along for 5-minutes on a subject he was clearly not prepared to speak about.

The reason this is so harmful is because of the suggestion of guilt. It seems that no candidate who knows they are innocent would give a thought of reassessment to another allegation that they know is false. There’s also the way that Cain chose to respond to it altogether. When the story was first broken and before any details were announced Cain refused to respond until he know exactly what was in the report. Why does he have to know the particulars to know whether he’s innocent? If you were accused of murder would you really have to know the who-what-when-and-where to say whether you did it or not? There’s also the really interesting case of the text messages and phone calls:

“The station said that Ms. White produced cellphone bills that included 61 phone calls or text messages to and from a number she said was for Mr. Cain’s private cellphone. When the station sent a text message to the number, Mr. Cain called back and acknowledged knowing Ms. White.” (Quoted article here.)

I don’t want to point any fingers, but this all seems to me like a monstrous revelation in the Cain sexual scandal, and it seems to me that there is something hidden here that is about to come out very soon. Whether it’s an admission of guilt, Cain dropping out of the race, or something completely unforeseen, we’ll just have to wait and listen.